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    Cross Country - Wed, Aug. 7, 2013

    August 7, 2013 – Asheville, NC

    His name is Ryan Roemer and he is from Bend, Oregon.  He will be joining us as a student at Warren Wilson College this fall.

    Most college students joining us this fall will be with their parents loading and unloading the typical college furnishings from sheets and comforters, book bags, lamps, rugs, to clothes.  Ryan however, will be joining us on his bike after biking all the way from his home in Oregon. 

    'I hail from Bend Oregon, and while I regret not being able to meet all of you wonderful people this summer, I would still like for you all to get to know me. This summer I am biking, yes biking, 3000 miles to meet all of you at the start of orientation at Warren Wilson,' says Roemer.

    Through reading his blog you may follow Ryan as he travels across the United States.  One blog entry states that he traveled 220 miles in 4 days.  His current ventures have taken him through Baker City, to Idaho, to Missoula Montana, to Yellow Stone National Park, to Lander Wyoming, to Walden Colorado and Pueblo Colorado, and currently to Dighton Kansas. He has used the 'Warm Showers Organization' while traveling to find places to regroup.  And with the help from various hostels and many new friends along the way he has continued to make his way across the United States.

    Thus far Ryan comments on his travels, 'What I have envisioned for myself over the past year has actualized itself in this past month of riding. Through living out my dream life becomes art, and the self-fulfilling prophecy which I made for myself is now my own reality. As from my senior quote of my last year of High school, "You are your own greatest work of art."'

    If you would enjoy hearing of his travels please check out his blog titled 'On Safari East, My Journey Across America by Bike'.

    Ryan will be coming to join our Cross Country team in the fall for Coach Bruce Hills.

    We welcome Ryan and the rest of our incoming students to Warren Wilson.