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    Swimming - Wed, Jul. 10, 2013

    Congratulations to Coach Andrew Pulsifer for his third-place finish in the 2013 World 10-mile Championship with a time of 4:08:57 (Guided by Kayaker Emily and Liam Pulsifer). 

    The event is part of the 5th Annual Kingdom Swim hosted by World Open Water Swimming Association (WOWSA). It was held on Lake Memphremagog in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont.

    'Swimming this longer distance in such a beautiful lake, with clean water, gorgeous views, and to have Emily and Liam guiding me in our kayak, that was a pretty great 4 hour + experience!,' says Pulsifer.  'With the feeding pauses and great navigation I managed to keep control of my strength and swim stroke, finishing the 10 miles very strong.'

    175 swimmers came from all over the world to participate in the event.  The first place finisher was Eric Nilsson of Weston, Massachusetts (time of 3:38:36) followed by Feodor Orlov of Dublin, Ohio (time of 3:43:51).

    This year the swim raised money for North Country's Patient Care Initiative Fund.

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    Men's 10-mile Championship Results:
    1. Eric Nilsson (26) 3:38:36
    2. Feodor Orlov (17) 3:43:51
    3. Andrew Pulsifer (47) 4:08:57
    4. Ken Classen (52) 4:20:38
    5. Bill Shipp (53) 4:23:22