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    Cycling - Thu, Oct. 28, 2010
    The Warren Wilson College mountain bike team competed in the national collegiate mountain bike race over fall break, in The far distant land of Lake Tahoe California.  The mighty Owls took third again this year fending off some stiff competition from Mesa State University and Colorado School of Mines.  This marks the ninth straight year that the mountain bike team has finished in the top three of the Division II portion of the USA Cycling National Championships.  

    For those of you who have never been to Lake Tahoe it is a must to add to your bucket list.  The team competed in the three-day event starting October 15 with the grueling XC event.  This race is a race of attrition taking racers up and over a ski mountain 3-4 times for a total elevation gain of almost 4,000 ft and mileage up to 24 miles.  The guys finished well with Linden Blaisus placed 10th, Josh Hubing-Cooper came in 15th,  and Arlo Blaisus took 34th place.  The ladies racked up the points claiming 9th by Elisa Otter, 10th from Eva Wilson, 14th from Melanie Kemp, and 15th for Mia Carrasco-Songer. 

    The following day Saturday was a double header with short track (similar to track sprints) at 8am and followed by 4X (similar to boarder cross but on bikes) in the afternoon.  Long day! We again saw the ladies taking the stage with Eva Wilson in 6th, Elisa Otter in7th, Melanie Kemp in 10th, and Mia Carrasco-Songer in 11th.  The boys were champs this day with Linden taking 10th again and Josh placing 17th.   In the 4X event we didn't see much action from the guys, but the girls once again saved the day with an amazing feet by Elisa Otter taking home 4th place by sprinting into the corner first and cruising down the course on her hardtail. Nicole Kendle took 7th place and Eva Wilson took 9th place.  

    Sunday, Sunday, Sunday!!!!! Doomsday as some referred to it, was the dreaded downhill course.  With drops as big as your mom and rocks the size of Stacey's VW bus the little Owls charged their way down the rock gardens and not so flowy lines to once again have their names announced with glee over the loud speakers.  Nicole Kendle in her first year racing managed to place 4th in the national's race! Watch out for this downhill diva in coming years.  Elisa Otter riding her coach's stallion placed 5th in the women's downhill race.  Eva Wilson sneaked in the top ten with a 9th place.  In the men's race Moses Hubing-Cooper flew the fastest downhill taking 30th place.

    All in all a great weekend of racing once again from the Owls!  Bonus nobody went to the ER this weekend and everyone was able to ride for the rest of our time in BEAUTIFUL Lake Tahoe.  If your keeping track that is 9 years that the Owls have garnered the Silver or Bronze medal at nationals.  Not a bad record! !  

    The rest of the time in Lake Tahoe was spent riding great single track and shredding some sick knar.

    Till next time-Warren Wilson Mountain Bike team 2010!